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Latest News

Grouply Is No More

Grouply has shut down its services rather abruptly, posting this on their home page:

"We regret to inform you that as of February 24, 2012, the Grouply service and all individual group websites built on the Grouply platform are no longer available.

When Oodle acquired Grouply in November 2010, the intent was to leverage the Grouply code base to add a community layer to the Oodle Marketplace while continuing to run Grouply as a standalone service. While the integration of Grouply with Oodle was successful, unfortunately, the economics are such that we can no longer justify supporting the Grouply service on its own.

If you are the creator or administrator of a Grouply group, you can request a copy of your group member list and select group data here.

Thanks for using Grouply."


Thank you to an astute reader of our web site for informing us!

SocialGO Is Latest to Remove Free Option

Yet another social networking site that had previously promised a "free forever" option has followed in Ning's footsteps and begun charging for their most basic plan.  Fortunately they do still offer a 14-day trial so you can at least get a taste before commiting to them for your site.  Still, the number of free alternatives for your social networking site have decreased again by 1. Reviewed

A new contender,, has entered the social networking ring this year.  Read the review!

The Challenge of Change - How to Move from One Platform To Another

Not satisifed with your current hosted social network?  Not sure what's involved in switching to another?  Be sure to read today's special report on Exporting and Importing information from social network platforms as well as Inviting users.

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