Bad performance, bad free support. I left.

I tested this platform at  2010. I try it for built a spanish professional community. I chose it because, at first appearance, was all free. Three months later I left because:

  • Performance issues. A lot of times the server was down.
  • Interancionalization. I try to translate to spanish. The form and the model for translating it was buggy.
  • I sent several emails. Like it was a free account, I couldn't get any answer.
  • Lately, they send me an email for pay. Like I didn't pay ( I was using the free account) several features disappear, such as my own domain name or the theme.

I understand: I was using the free account However, use a free account is not a reason for change the rules and lately remove a lot of basic features. Performance was really bad.

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Hi Rumbador,

First of all, we would like to extend our sincere apology for the lack of support that you may have experienced as a valued GROU.PSsubscriber. In the past there may be times that you had problems with the performance and the features but now with a greater effort, our customer Support and tech team give premium support and solve the problems as soon as they are reported to them. Along with our tech team, our customer support team also gets in contact with all the customers whenever they receive a message including the free trial users.

Our uptime is around %98 now and we have increased our site speed double-times in 3 months.

We continue to be one of the cheapest social networking platforms in internet world.

Please see all the apps here: and you can also compare plans: Annual plans are always more favorable:

We would appreciate if we could change your impression of GROU.PS and please don't hesitate to get in touch with us again at


Mesut Gokdai




Hi rumbador,


I´m now trying to stablish a professional network. I was with Groupsite (very glad) but we have to move. Where did you finally create your group?


Thank you for your help!!