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My exprience (July 2012) supports your 2010 review. In fact - worse. They have great features and user friendly set up. But, they are in the Bay Area. They have one new Cust Serv' rep' there and the company is based in Hungary.  I was looking to run a paid support site for my training courses. GROU.PS seemed perfect - and cheap. A few days after I created my groups and craeted the basic site I lost all Admin' rights. Was unable to make any site changes, not even to edit or delete my own posts! Their Bay Area rep was really helpful, but she's not tech support. All requests for tech support to get Admin' rights failed. After 3 weeks I had to give up.

Their sign up, which I did not read properly when I made my first test site, has a clear disclosure that they can take over any site, run ads on it etc where the original creator cancels or stops subscribing.  To my mind that conpromises the integrity of content and member information especially if the creator loses Admin' rights and can't delete it although they said it was to allow a existing member to take it over.

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