I Saw An Advertisement for one of the Platforms on the Site. What about That?

We have to pay for the site somehow. We may, at times, utilize advertising services like Google AdSense in order to generate the funds to pay for the hosting and maintenance of the site. It is possible that some of the products we review may appear as an advertisement on our pages. Google Ads are specifically targeted to the content on a web site. Please note that a) we have no control over what ads appear and b) we receive no money directly from any of these advertisers (the money comes from Google). Our preference would be for the site to be fully supported by donations from those who find the information here useful. If we ever reach a point where the site can be fully supported by such donations, we will strongly consider dropping any and all advertisements. At the very least, we will handle advertising in such a way that no product that we review will appear in the advertising. In any case, none of the advertising presented will affect our editorial reviews and no advertisement represents an endorsement of any particular product by Social Network Reviews.