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Caters to Media-Intensive Sites, Lacking in Key Features
Tiered, Starting at $9.95
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Tiers are page view, storage and transfer limited
Strong Media Support
No Event Management, Weak Forum and SubGroup Features, Non-Intuitive Interface
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Each time I visit KickApps, I approach it with hope that it will fulfill the promises delivered by it's strong marketing. KickApps appears to be very corporate focused (touting customers like HBO, NBC, U2, Madonna, The Special Olympics, and professional sports teams) while also offering solutions for small businesses. Despite high profile clients, they are still supported by venture capital, but boast a very strong board and management team. They don't offer a free option, but their marketing might lead one to believe they are well worth the investment. For some, they may well be. It's my impression that the "some" would include mostly large organizations focused on the presentation of media (video, photo, audio). KickApps provides some very strong applications for handling media. One interesting feature is the ability to create "Sets" linking some of that media together in one cohesive page. The handling of media is the definite strong suit in their deck. Unfortunately, the rest of the deck is lacking.

The most glaring omission is the complete lack of any event management features. A quick search of their forums notes that events/calendars were "ranked 2nd on our list of priorities" two years ago. Either that has changed or they are moving fairly slowly down their list. For a solution that offers no free options, their discussion forums are also very basic in function. Each time I visit, I'm also disappointed in the interface. I don't find it intuitive or user-friendly and have come to expect more from something I would have to pay for. On the pricing front, a KickApps site will cost you at least $9.95 per month. The catch in pricing is the limitation on "page views" which they define as "every time someone visits (including repeat visits) to one of your KickApps pages". These page views can add up quickly if you're operating a successful social networking site. If you're looking to have a media focused site, have the money in the budget and don't mind spending some time on customization and perhaps using their widget system, KickApps might be worth a glance. If you're just another social organization looking for an affordable and quick way to build your online social network, you'll likely be disappointed.

I'm left with the impression that KickApps' efforts are focused on their high paying enterprise clients. Certainly that is likely very conducive to their business model. It just doesn't provide a solid product for smaller groups.

Significant Feature Notes

Resources - Developer support forum. Platform documentation (good in places, lacking in others)

Pricing - Tiered, starting at $9.95/mo. Higher tiers provide additional "page views", traffic and storage along with increased support at the highest levels.

General Use - Configurable user profiles. Not very intuitive or user-friendly; confusing navigation.

Admin - Crowded, non-intuitive interface. Solid member and content management tools. Recently implemented new, cleaner interface for admin tools but sometimes you still end up on the old page after edits.

Layout - Extensive theme editor.

Forums - Ability to add media to posts. No quoting or threading.

Events - Non-existent

Groups - There does not appear to be a way to create private groups. Groups do not have their own forums.

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