My GROU.PS website suspended for false Adult Content allegations! was founded about 3 years ago by a couple of Turkish enterpreneurs with a very small number (possibly a couple) of rather bright programmers. After launching the site as the best free alternative to Ning (which had just annonced they were moving to for-pay plan structure), they quickly moved servers and team (!!) to new HQ (an apartment...) in S. Francisco and created probably the best utilities to migrate Ning sites. I noticed  the English of the was poor, and there was no foreign language support, but it was free, and they promised in their mission statement, that it would stay so FOREVER (!!), so I decided to move there my Ning site.  


It took me and them weeks to load all my meager Ning content (especially movies) and quite a lot of back and forth with their support group (again, a couple of people).


When it was complete, I got "almost" what I had under Ning, although the look and feel was not the same and tehre were very few features compared to NIng, plus no language support (my site was in Italian), so I started translating messages on my own.


The site was rather slow, not very reliable (had gone down a few times), video clips would not always play, uploading new content was a bear, but did I mention it was free?


Then, 5-6 months after, my real problems started: maybe their initial capital run out, or investors complained about the site not making money, anyway almost overnight they switched to for-pay plans, without giving time to anyone to react to the news!


They suspended the Free plan, and ordered every one on the Free plan to choose a new plan. I chose one they proposed me via email (it was never advertized!), which allowed me to pay a very small ($2-3) monthly fee and to get "almost" the same features I had initially. Then, after only 4-5 months, they announced that that plan had been canceled (@$@!!!), so I upgraded to Bronze plan.


Not done yet: in March-April last year, they notified me they had discovered I was way over quota for Bronze, and ordered me to upgrade to the next plan. At the same time, they suspended access not only to my users but also to me, so I could not log in and reduce the quota!! I proved them I was maybe only slightly over quota and threaten them, so they finally let me go in a do some clean up, so they restored my access and I was able to remove some video clips and lower my quota.  So I thought I was OK, at least until teh end of my subscription (May 2012).


Wrong:  ten days ago, they let me know I had immediately switch to a more expensive plan because they had found that my site carried Explicit Adult Content, to which I categorically responded that the site is in fact my family website, and  I categorically deny having adult stuff on it (unless for adult content they intend a bunch of boring forum discussions on the origin of our last name, or a few pictures of kid birthdays)!!!   I got no reply from them, and today they just announced they have reverted my site to the Free plan (which apparently is back...).

Doing so, they have defrauded me of almost 3 months of Bronze subscription, have placed a big Explicit Adult Content warning sign in front of my site, and severely scaled down its features.

This is completely unacceptable to me. I am sick and tired of their shady tactics and complete lack of respect.

If you have had similar experiences with, please let all of us know!!!


Over the last 2-3 years, these people have managed to gain a reputation they do not deserve. 




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Which are the realistic alternatives?

Hello Marian

For your scientific network, GROU.PS is excellent. I use it as well. They give you a 7 day FREE TRIAL period. So you have nothing to loose. Besides, if you want to test the waters, you may subscribe for a month before making your decisions. This is what I did. Now I have an annula subscription and my network is doing just fine.

You wanna hear the real story?

Hi all,


This customer has contacted GROU.PS Customer Support to cancel her subscription and she was told that the adult warning was enabled--which can be enabled by customers if their sites include adult materials which requires to use a domain name--

so she refuses to reply on this but continues to ask for cancellation. By the way, GROU.PS Support Team doesnt prefer to cancel the subscription of a customer since they can easily do it from their admin panel and all the requests go through a system so the team can increase the platform efficiency by exploring each cancellation reason.

and then the team removes the adult warning but she still doesnt cancel and sends GROU.PS a message "Why didn't you guys just tell me that you were *scam artists*??"

GROU.PS Team has been helping each and every customer with an average response time of 12 hours to each ticket. Please make sure you contact them through




The service is horrible.  Customer service is unbearable.

1) I signed up for a free 7-day trial and provided my credit card information.

2) Within 20 minutes I decided that the service was ridiculously poor and spent well over an hour trying to cancel the service through their website..

3) Sent a message asking that customer service cancel my account.

4) Customer service refuses to cancel my account.  Their website will not allow me to cancel myself.  They just keep sending me messages telling me to cancel myself.


Do NOT do business with these people.  Unethical.  The product is absolute trash.  Customer service is despicable.  You will be sorry if you give them your credit card information.


GROU.PS Customer service is superb. I know this because I use GROU.PS.

Just Email your complains to them, and they issue you a ticket. They respond within 12 hours.

Which are the realistic alternatives?



I have read all these reviews and I more confused than before! I was using the free plan of Groupsite and despite publicity in the right side it was all ok. I liked very much but we exceeded the number of members (only 25) and the payed plans are far from our presupost.


I was thinking on moving to but something is not smelling very well and after reading Massimo I´m not sure what to do. My community is an attempt to stablish a scientific network. Does anybody of you have a recommendation about where to host it? A free or moderate plant would be great (the problem with groupsite is that they are charging 50 dollars per month in the plan we need).