What Is An Affiliate Site?

An affiliate site is a web site that, at least partly, generates income through the links on its pages. Many commercial web sites offer an affiliate program where, if you direct readers to their site, you generate income. In some cases the reader has to purchase something. This is typically accomplished by placing links in the content that goes directly to a product on a commercial site. This practice is especially prevalent in “product review” sites. Such a site will typically purport to present the “Top 5 Products!” It will include brief reviews of those products and appear to legitimately proclaim them as the best available. What is often happening, however, is that the site owner is only choosing those products which provide an affiliate program they stand to make money from. In its most deceptive form, an affiliate site may actually be created by the company/owner of the product itself.
Imagine you went on a trip to a distant locale. While there, you asked some locals for some recommendations of where to eat. Now imagine you found out there was a small subset of restaurants that paid those locals to recommend them to people just like you. Would you now trust their recommendations?